Your Online Reputation

Your Online Reputation is Critical

Reputation management is obsolete.  You don’t make money managing.  You make money marketing.  Smart business owners start with reputation marketing.

Reviews are a major part of online marketing

Google Plus pages are merged with other information to reveal a company’s reviews and ratings to their customers.

They make all your marketing more successful.

In a recent survey 87% of customers said they search online to find company information after being referred by a friend or family member.

They want to see 6 to 10 positive reviews before they trust a business enough to call or drop by.

Without a great online reputation all promotion — SEO, social, media, pay per click, and other local marketing — aren’t nearly as effective as they could be.

Would you choose a business that’s merely average? Over 3/4 (78%) of businesses on Yelp have a rating of 3 or more stars, so you need to stand out!

Build a 5-star reputation first, then use that in all your marketing to get more customers.

This Changes Everything

One of our strategic partners recently conducted a survey of 357 consumers.  When asked “If you were searching for a business, who would you call first?”  55% chose the business that an excellent online reputation with 5-star reviews.  That’s more than those with the lowest price (27%) and the coveted first-position in search results (18%) combined!

For an instant analysis of your company’s online reputation, just click the button below.  You’ll also be able to download no-charge reports on how to fix, build, and market that reputation.

We could easily charge $97 or more for that report and follow up, but it’s yours for free.

Why?  Because it’s how we get new clients.  After looking at the report if it’s worth your time to contact us then it’s worth our time to get back to you and discuss it!

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