Review Results

You’ve now experienced our survey form for collecting reviews.  It’s just part of our system to build your online reputation and win more customers.

And you’re starting to see the immense power a coordinated review marketing strategy can have for your business. People will check out your company online.  It’s critical that they find positive reviews with 5-star ratings — otherwise they’ll go straight to your competitors.

Now imagine a complete system that tracks everything and puts it all in one place.

Rather than wondering and worrying, you’ll always be on top of what people are saying about your company.  And you’ll have lots of great customer comments to feature in your marketing.

We make it easy.

At the bottom of this page you’ll see an example of how 5-star reviews can be streamed to your website. 

Gozer’s system can do a whole lot more,

  • 24/7 review monitoring
  • generate immediate review alerts
  • up-to-date reports
  • code to post reviews on your website
  • conveniently manage your negative reviews
  • post positive reviews to your social media
  • create a range of graphics for encouraging reviews and marketing with  the results

Optional services include

  • a custom feedback customer relationship management system
  • a mobile app and sign-in page
  • an online employee training center
  • reviews turned into 60-second videos posted on You Tube and your social media

Check out our REVIEW VIDEO service by clicking HERE.

No one chooses average.  So it just makes sense to stand out from the crowd with a 5-star reputation. Without it you’re loosing customers.

Of three companies with nearly identical products or services…

… which would you use?

What To Do Next

Have you found it tough to get online reviews?  Most local businesses do.  Are you worried that a couple of negative reviews you don’t even know about are hurting business?  Most small business owners do too.

Let us prove that our low-cost proprietary system works to fix both those worries.


We’ll take all the risk for 30 days at no cost to you. Yes, that’s waving our set-up fee (typically $197) plus a month’s service completely free. No contract, no obligation, no catch. That’s how strongly be believe we’ll get you more reviews that win you more customers.

  • If you have an email list of up to a few hundred past customers we’ll contact them for you with email and/or text messages that you approve. You could go from no reviews to a 5-star online reputation in as little as a week.
  • If not, we’ll provide graphical materials to help you encourage each visiting customer to enter the survey system we create for you.
  • Either way you’ll soon have the solid foundation needed to make promoting your business effective.


JD Roberts

(408) 218-0111