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Different people prefer different directory and review sites, so claiming your listing on multiple sites helps more people find you.  Those citations also create links that boost your website in search results and may even highlight you with review stars.

But for Google and other search engines to do that you can’t have different names, addresses, or phone numbers.  Plus you always want prospective customers to have the right information.

Claiming and correcting those listings is pretty easy, if a bit time consuming.  So we’ve created ebooks on how to do it yourself.  They’re yours for the taking — no charge.


Download the Report

Nearly everyone checks out a business online before calling or visiting, even if its been recommended.  They want to see at least a half-dozen positive reviews and a 4-5 star rating.  Otherwise they go straight to a competitor.

Here’s a no-charge ebook explaining all this, including how to get more reviews.

You really can’t completely hide bad reviews, but the ebook explains how to deal with them.

If you’d like to see how our done-for-you system collects feedback, converts surveys into reviews, and markets your business with those reviews check out the demo below.


High-quality video doesn’t cost an arm and a leg anymore.  Our videos build trust and have been optimized to bring in more calls and visits when posted on your website, social media, YouTube, and elsewhere.  They rank well in free search results and can be promoted with inexpensive online ads.

You can discover more HERE.

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The core of our system gets you more positive reviews so that you have a strong foundation for promoting your business.

How It Works

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We’re your local hands-on source for a proprietary system that virtually guarantees you an ongoing stream of positive reviews.

We create a custom digital survey form for your business that collects useful feedback from your customers.  You can place it on your website or other online properties, link to it from a register display, or…

When a customer gives you a negative rating overall (typically 3 or fewer stars) they’ll see a brief apology and video.  You’ll be notified by email and/or text message so you can respond quickly.

When a customer leaves a positive rating they’ll be taken to one of your directory pages, such as Yelp.

In the meantime our system will be continually monitoring all your directory listings and alerting you to any other new reviews.