Web Videos

Video Boost

Videos are one of the best ways to engage existing and prospective customers to grow your business.  Most people would far rather watch a short clip than read a page or two.  Plus online videos are another way to show up in search results, with an attention-getting image to boot.

We can produce broadcast-quality videos at very affordable rates for small businesses. Our custom animation and live-action videos are created from a marketing perspective, designed to convert viewers into interested buyers. Just take a look at the many examples on our Youtube channel.

Gozer’s review videos boost the effectiveness of your reputation marketing. They incorporate your actual customer reviews as text, so no one has to be in front of a camera. These 60-second studio-quality shorts feature a professional spokesperson and prime-time graphics (including your logo) for a truly professional look. Using the latest templateing technology we keep the cost amazingly low by using standardized introduction and closing segments. Green screen technology lets us set the stage using a photograph of your business, and the format has been extensively tested and fine-tuned for effectiveness. Many companies create a video each month so there’s always a fresh new video review.

This style of video marketing provides significant benefits in

  • reputation marketing,
  • SEO marketing,
  • social media marketing, and
  • branding.


Why Do They Work So Well?

Both formats have been carefully tested for call-to-action effectiveness, and our syndication is search-engine optimized. 

Surveying consumers after watching these videos, 68% said they would consider contacting the the company.  And 64% said they would consider referring someone to the company.

To give you an idea of how well the format has been optimized for effectiveness, 79% said they heard the company’s name spoken by the spokes model, and 49% said they heard it 3 or more times.  But the company name was only displayed visually, never said!

For video marketing in general, in consumer studies

  • 77% say they feel that a company with videos is more engaged with their customers
  • 71% say videos give a positive impression
  • 71% say they feel that companies with videos are more trustworthy.

So give your potential customers a chance to see who you are and what your past customers think of you!