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Reviews Build Trust That Brings In More New Customers

Online reviews are the gatekeepers before your business.  Most people now check out a business online before making a decision, even if that company has been recommended to them.  And they want to find at least a half-dozen positive reviews before taking the next step.  Otherwise they head for your competitors, often already right in front of them in their search results.


Our Review Management Service

Get more reviews, improve your ratings, and win more customers with our unique platform that is tailored towards your goals and objectives. Send text and email request to your recent customers and direct them towards your preferred Review profiles.

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The Most Direct Way to Improve your Online Reviews

Website reviews are one of the most important metrics people look for when searching for a new business relationship or product. They want to know that other people have had a positive relationship with you and that you can be recommended to others.

Reputation and Character Are Different

Reputation is what people think of you or your brand, character are the actual qualities you or your brand have.

91% of North American consumers read online reviews to learn about a business.  Consumers frequently take into account what other people write about a brand, product or service, to determine whether it is good or not.

Research shows that 60% of consumers turn away after reading negative reviews, so this means a huge potential loss for the affected companies.

Other than in exceptional circumstances it’s pretty much impossible to have a bad review removed. Burying it with a bunch of new genuine reviews is a good way of dealing with the problem, but there’s a better way. Show your good character and concern for your customers by promptly responding to negative reviews in a supportive and non-confrontational way. Do what you can to resolve the complaint, and do your best to keep it from happening again. On most sites people can see such “conversations,” so you’ll be turning a negative into a big plus.

Our Unique Review Funnel

Keep it Simple for More Reviews

Increase the number of reviews for your business with a simple conversion funnel that drives customers to review websites that your target audience uses for their initial research!  It’s an easy rating system that directs the customer to the review platform destination you set (Yelp, Google, YP, etc).

People with thumbs-down reviews reviews are asked to fill out a private contact form, providing you with valuable feedback.

Steps to Successful Reviews

  1. Ask For Reviews   You simply hand your customers a card or email them a link to your personal review page, and ask them for feedback on the service you provided.
  2. Customers submit ratings.  On your review page, your customers select a thumbs up or down, add optional comments, enter their email address and click “submit.”
  3. Reviews are posted.  If they rate you thumbs up, they’re asked for a review for your Facebook, Google and Yelp pages. If they give you thumbs down, they’re thanked for their feedback and assured it will help improve future service.