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Need help? Here’s some how-to information on listings, reviews, and videos plus an introduction to a low cost done-for-you services package.


Today, business success hinges on being found online and people liking what they find.

That means you need a network of connections so you’ll show up and stand out in local search results. A strong online presence with lots of recent positive reviews is crucial in being found and in being trusted enough for a call or visit. And that’s a problem. Although most directory and review sites are free, you need to claim listings on a dozen or more directory sites and make sure the information is correct. That’s important since on most sites anyone can create a review page for your business.

Fixing Listings

To correct the information in a directory or review listing, you’ll first need to claim that listing. That consists of following the first few steps of creating a listing, then editing what’s already there.

Create Listings

Most basic listings are free, but there’s often a monthly fee for full control and the ability to add photos, videos, coupons, and other custom content. Creating your business listing is essentially a matter of going to each site and following their instructions. Every site is different, so we’ve created a guide for the top free sites. You can download it by clicking Here.


Reviews Build Trust That Brings In More New Customers

Online reviews are the gatekeepers to your business. Most people now check out a business online before making a decision, even if that company has been recommended to them. And they want to find at least a half-dozen positive reviews before taking the next step. Otherwise they head for your competitors, often already right in front of them in their search results.

Getting More Reviews

Most local businesses find it difficult to get even the minimum 1-2 new reviews per month necessary to establish consumer trust. But simply asking and making it convenient can often double or triple the number of reviews coming in. You can download our complete how-to guide by clicking Here.

Hiding Bad Reviews the Right Way

Other than in exceptional circumstances it’s pretty much impossible to have a bad review removed. Burying it with a bunch of new genuine reviews is a good way of dealing with the problem, but there’s a better way. Show your good character and concern for your customers by promptly responding to negative reviews in a supportive and non-confrontational way. On most sites people can see such “conversations,” so you’ll be turning a negative into a big plus. That’s also covered in our guide.

Creating Business Videos

Videos Boost Trust and Sales

Videos are one of the best ways to engage existing and prospective customers to grow your business. Most people would far rather watch a short clip than read a page or two. Plus online videos are another way to show up in search results, with an attention-getting image to boot.

With today’s consumer technologies small businesses can create their own web videos, and sites such as Youtube make it possible to reach a huge audience with little or no cost. But it takes no small amount of marketing experience to create videos that are effective in drawing in new customers. We’re putting together a report with tips and guidelines, and in the mean time are offering review videos at an exceptionally low cost.

They incorporate your actual customer reviews as text, so no one has to be in front of a camera. These 60-second studio-quality shorts feature a professional spokesperson and prime-time graphics (including your logo) for a truly professional look. Green screen technology lets us set the stage using a photograph of your business, and the format has been extensively tested and fine-tuned for call-to-action effectiveness.

Done-For-You Services

We’re pleased to introduce Partners In Local Search’s Local Marketing Suite.  It builds and maintains a strong online presence that quickly and affordably reels in customers. The suite integrates growing and managing your listings, reviews, and customer engagement for a real boost in revenues. All for a flat monthly fee, and no contracts that lock you in.

Create, Fix, and Manage Listings

You’ll be able to manage directory and review site listings from a single dashboard, entering business data, photos, and updates just once rather than dozens of times. Plus the system continually monitors over 50 sites, keeping you on top of things. You’ll be found more often, and prospective customers will always have the correct information and a fresh reason to visit you.

Our Own Local Directory

The Partners Local Directory gets your business found. It often ranks above major sites such as Yelp and Mapquest when someone searches for your business name and city (as they often do when referred by a friend or looking up your address, phone number, or hours). You’ll have full control and plenty of special features. You’ll also have a profile like no other that combines the best of your business resources all in one attractive page — always up to date, displaying your reviews, services, service areas, blog posts, team members and more.

Our Review Management System

Get more reviews, improve your ratings, and win more customers with our proprietary platform. It’s the most direct way to improve your online reviews. We keep it simple for everyone. Just hand customers a card or email them a link to your customized review page and ask for their feedback. With a thumbs up we’ll send them to your listing on a review site to leave their positive comments. And we’ll post those reviews on your website and our Partners’ Directory. With a thumbs down we’ll thank them and forward their contact information to you so you’ll be aware of their issues.

Custom Facebook Business Pages

If you’re not getting results from your Facebook page or don’t have one yet, we’ll change that.

The Partners Local Marketing Suite extends your business page using our custom tabs. Detail your business, products, and services. Highlight your team. Post coupons and special offers, collect contact information. And we automatically update it with what matters most — photos, your blog posts, and comments from happy customers.

Everything fits together into a single profile that completely describes your business to the public and invites visitors to call or drop by.

Interested in the Local Marketing Suite done-for-you package?
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